Give glaze no chance

Hight Quality de-icing salt

SALTCOM de-icing salt is salt with a constant quality. Thanks to its granulometry Saltcom de-icing salt is easy to spread and creates a quick and prolonged thawing effect. The low moisture content guarantees a good conservation, Saltcom de-icing salt is always ready for use.

Give glaze no chance

Don’t wait for the first snow flakes to fall, order your winter supplies in time. SALTCOM offers attractive conditions for early season orders.   

Saltcom knows how to deal with winter

That’s why we offer you our special winterdeal , a great pair of Saltcom work gloves.  Together we’ll enjoy a winterseason without any worries.

Bigbags of 600kg, bags of 10kg,25kg and 50kg, practical bucket of 7.5kg or bulk, Saltcom provides the appropriate packaging for wholesaler as well as for the end consumer.                                             

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  • Plastic bucket 7.5kg
  • Plastic bags with handle 10kg
  • Plastic bags 25kg
  • Plastic bags 50kg
  • Bigbag 600kg